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The Sword and the Swindler master post

Art Title: Aching Bones
Prompt Number: s2010
Artist: red_b_rackham
Fic Title: The Sword and the Swindler
Author: hezio2 aka noturbaby
Fandom/Genre: au apocalypse fic
Rating: R
Word Count: 7400
Warnings: none
Summary: Retelling of the Supernatural apocalypse story
The Apocalypse has begun. Lucifer and his demons have spread the Croatoan virus which has nearly destroyed civilization. Michael and his angels are allowing the destruction as they wait for the perfect vessel to say “yes”. The Winchester are leading a camp of survivors both hunters and civilians, desperate to end the war and save the world. Bela Talbot has been barely surviving, but when she arrives at their door, can they put aside their distrust and accept her help.

Fic Link ao3

Author's note: Written for the 2017 spn_reversebang. I haven't written fic in ages but when I saw this gorgeous piece of art I thought I'd try it again. Thank you red_b_rackham for your patience and your talent. Thank you spnreversemod for your willingness to work with me and adapt to my crazy life.

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Hey I remember this place -- Update on my life

so I haven't been posting here for a while. I've mostly been over on tumblr being a weirdo. It just seems easier to post there. I don't know.

I had a scary court date last week. Extremely stressful, but it's over and I can put it in the past.
I have a new dog, but my son is very allergic so now I'm trying to find a new home for the dog.
My new job is great. My manager commended me on my sales because we sell out every display I assemble. (It's easy, if it's trending on twitter or tumblr and I know it has a cool fandom -- BAM - I have a display.  So far I've done Supernatural, Veronica Mars -- during the kickstart campaign, Sherlock, psych, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Marvel comics, and Dexter.)
I work with a great team and we fangirl over a wide range of topics. It's a used book store, so obviously we discuss books we love.  One girl is into 80's movies, so I gotta love her.
Her new mission is to find Mannequin 2 and we'll all watch it in the breakroom.  'Kristen Swanson is in it' was her selling point to me and I yelled, "The Original Buffy?! Mrs. Carlton Lassiter?! OHMYGOD!! I must watch it."  Glad I yelled because I found 3 other people who adore psych nearly as much as I do.

Bought the Psych book
It is awesome. It actually reads like Shawn is talking to you. They don't give credit to an author other than Shawn Spencer so in that way it is true to character.
I hope everyone here is doing well, I still check out my friends page and look at your posts. Still read the erotic fan fiction and out in the real world I nearly forgot that not everyone knows it exists. You try making a display of Teen Wolf dvds and tie-in novels and see if you can resist making the Sterek comments. I don't even want to talk about the Supernatural display and how it was Wincset vs. Destial, each having their own part of the display.
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Title: 10.22
Author: hezio2 aka noturbaby
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mr. Wyatt, and various other Supernatural characters.
Warnings: none – crack?
Word count: 1315
Genre/rating: gen / G

Summary: There has been much discussion as to how Supernatural will end. Both Jared and Jensen have mentioned going out like Butch and Sundance. Others have mentioned having it all be a joke by Gabriel. After reading these discussions, I've come up with my own mini episode. Based on the character from season four, After School Special and some dialogue from that episode.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

November 1997
The bell has rung, but Mr. Wyatt has asked for Sam to stay after class...

Collapse )